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The tutoriel in question is “”

The Tutorial asks that you
1- Create a new project named HelloGridView. In eclipse (OK)
2- Find some images or download the ones at
I downloaded the .ZIP file and extracted the images (OK)
3- Save the image files into the project's res/drawable/ directory. (QUESTION!)

When I expand the tree view that eclipse has created for this project, I do not see any directory labeled drawable, but instead see 3 choices (drawable-hdpi, drawable-ldpi & drawable-mdpi)

- res
- - drawable-hdpi
- - drawable-ldpi
- - drawable-mdpi
- - layout
- - values

Choices/Ideas that went threw my mind
a- Maker another directory under “res” called drawable?
b- Just pop them into any of the three already existing directories labeled drawable-?dpi
c- Since I just upgraded to the new eclipse (on 2/4/11) maybe the tutorial and eclipse are out of sync, and I should just wait a while for an updated tutorial?

Comments, Ideas or Pointers to documentation or other already answered questions welcome.

I did search Stack Overflow and found lots of questions on the Grid View tutorial, but none seemed to address this particular problem.

Also – When (and since this is my 3rd attempt at the Grid View tutorial,and I'm afraid it is more likely WHEN then IF) I have more questions on this tutorial, should I post separate questions, OR just extend this question for each problem I encounter?

Thanks for any help Joe

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Kindly provide your requirement clearly – chiranjib Feb 4 '11 at 18:56
Guess I'm a bit frustrated. Sorry. The tutorial (seems to) indicate that there should be a directory created by eclipse, under HelloGridView/res called "drawable". and when I look at eclipse's storage tree for the class, under HelloGridView/res I see 3 directories that start with drawable+ some extra text (-hdpi -ldpi -mdpi). so the directory tree I'm seeing does not match the tutorial. and at this point I'm not familiar enough with the tool set to know what to do. – Joe Cullity Feb 4 '11 at 18:56
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For the purposes of a tutorial, just create a directory called drawable.

If you needed to customize your graphics for different devices with different characteristics (in this case, the pixel density of the screen - high DPI, medium DPI. or low DPI), that's when you would use the pre-built directories.

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Thanks - user603461 - It worked – Joe Cullity Feb 4 '11 at 22:53

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