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I have a simple little issue with webmatrix.

I created an orchard site, I uploaded it to an ftp a/c. But there was a problem with that ftp a/c with the hosting guys, so I have a new a/c.

I set the new ftp a/c details and tried to publish the website, orchard shows me only the files that have changed!?

How can I get orchard to upload all the files again?

This is what I see when I hit publish to the new ftp a/c, that link is not much help and points here : http://www.iis.net I tried googling, but nothing so far.

Screenshot: enter image description here

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Just answered your post on IIS.net and was going to update here, too, but I see you already found the option!
I do agree that the option isn't that intuitive to find (personally I have trouble remembering there's a (File/options) button at all!) but I'm just not sure where a better place would be...

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+1 thanx How about the publish window itself. The one in my original post –  gideon Feb 4 '11 at 17:42

Ugh!! Found it!!

In Web Matrix Under (File) > Options > Publishing > "Make uploading faster by publishing on changed files"

Great option but was in a very un-intuitive place! =( Does anyone else agree? enter image description here

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