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I've just gotten into the Adwords API for an upcoming project and I need something quite simple actually, but I want to go about it the most efficient way.

I need code to retrieve the Global Monthly Search Volume for multiple keywords (in the millions). After reading about BulkMutateJobService, in the Google documentation they say

If you want to perform a very large number of operations (up to 500,000) on your AdWords campaigns and child objects, use BulkMutateJobService

But later on in the page they give limits of

No more than 25 OperationStream objects are allowed.

No more than 10,000 operations are allowed per BulkMutateRequest.

No more than 100 request parts are allowed.

as well as a few others. See source here http://code.google.com/apis/adwords/docs/bulkjobs.html

Now, my questions: What do these numbers mean? If I have 1 million words I need information on, do I only need to perform 2 requests with 500K words each?

Also, are there examples of code that does this task? I only need Global Monthly Search Volume and CPC for each keyword. I've searched online, but to no avail have I found any good example or anything leaning in that direction that utilizes BulkMutateJobService.

Any links, resources, code, advice you can offer? All is appreciated.

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The BulkMutateJobService only allows for mutates, or changes, to the account. It does not provide the bulk retrieval of information.

You can fetch monthly search volume for keywords using the TargetingIdeaService. If you use it in STATS mode you can include up to 2500 keywords per request.

Estimates CPC values are obtained from the TrafficEstimatorService. You can request up to 500 keywords per request.

FYI, there is an official AdWords API Forum that you can ask questions on.

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Thanks. Seems like I was looking at the wrong service to get my job done. I appreciate the help. I'll be sure to check out the Adwords Forum too! –  Adam Feb 5 '11 at 13:37

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