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We are having a problem with a web application delivering emails. Suppose the site lives on domain.com. Emails sent to manager@domain.com aren't being recieved by the client, but when we set it to developer@developersdomain.com or manager@aliasdomain.com they are received by the developer and the manager, respectively.

Is php's mail() command delivering email addresses to the location domain to localhost, instead of routing it through a mail server?

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Are you sending to the full address and not user@localhost if it is on your domain? –  Darren Feb 4 '11 at 17:30

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Sadly, this is the way that the mailserver itself works. It knows the machine it's on is domain.com and assumes the mailbox should be a local box.

This is why it's a good idea to have your server's domain name actually be a subdomain, even if it's just www.domain.com. That way, mail addressed to manager@domain.com is sent on to the mail server specified by domain.com's MX record.

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That'll be a setting on your mail software at the serverside I guess! Check your software settings.

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