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Is it possible for a Tomcat to restart it self? I have a tomcat application. I'm adding a functionallity for the application to auto-update (the self application will download new war files). However, after this is done, I need to stop the application in order to modify the war.

I know that this can

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If Tomcat is configured in autoDeploy mode, then there is no need to stop Tomcat itself to deploy a new version of the war. You just need to somehow replace the old war with the updated version in the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps folder. Tomcat will detect the new version and auto deploy it.

To store the updated war on your server, you can execute a script via Runtime.getRuntime().exec(...) as described here. The script to run could be an ant task that deploys the new war file.

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Last time I checked hot deploys were not recommended for production use--the old app doesn't always clean out completely and it could degrade the stability of your system. –  Bill K Sep 11 '13 at 18:07

Yes, you need the manager application. It comes bundled with tomcat and allows restarting of contexts (apps).

See here.

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If you want to restart the tomcat process, then I think you will have to write a script and call it using Java Runtime.

If you just want to reload/restart certain webapps then you can use the Tomcat Manager.

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