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I have a jQuery plugin ( https://github.com/OscarGodson/jKey ) and some users are needing localization support. My instinctive thought would be to have another param in the plugin to allow localization like:


Or save it to a var like

var localization = {'?':223,'a':224,'b':225,'c':226}

But this is sort of a pain in the ass as most users would want to localize all of their code not just one snippet. So, is there a way to set a global jQuery setting? For example, be able to go like


And then on our all calls to $().jkey() would use that?

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You could implement what you describe in this way:

(function ($) {

    var defaults = {
        localization: {}

    $.fn.jkey = function (args) {
        var l18n = defaults.localization;
        // your existing plugin code can use the
        // 'global' localization settings
        // rest of the plugin...


    $.jkey = function (options) {
         // override the defaults for all plugin calls.
         $.extend(defaults, options)

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