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I'm trying to get my Rails 3 project to automatically resolve namespaced controllers, similar to the Rails 2 behaviour. For example (Rails 2):

$ rails pathtest && cd pathtest
$ script/generate controller First
$ script/generate controller first/second
$ script/generate controller first/second/third
$ script/server

Requests to:

  • /first routes to first controller
  • /first/second routes to second controller
  • /first/second/third routes to third controller

    But, Rails 3 yields different routing using the 'wild controllers' path.

    $ rails new pathtest && cd pathtest
    $ rails generate controller First
    $ rails generate controller first/second
    $ rails generate controller first/second/third
    ## config/routes.rb
    Pathtest::Application.routes.draw do
      match ':controller(/:action(/:id(.:format)))'
    $ rails server

    Requests to:

  • /first routes to first controller
  • /first/second routes to first#second
  • /first/second/third routes to first#second :id => 'third'

    I'm starting to think that kind of automatic resolution of namespaced controllers isn't the way anymore? Has anyone found a way to automatically resolve namespaced controllers like this?


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    Try this:

    Pathtest::Application.routes.draw do
      resources :first do
        resources :second do
          resources :third
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    Ah yes, more details. I'm trying to get this done without listing all the controllers in the routes.rb - there are many (close to 100) controllers which are routed to. – rfb Feb 4 '11 at 21:52

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