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I need to setup an event on a Facebook Page. I would like to be able to set a capacity for this event, and once capacity has been met, I would like to close the event. Is there any way to do this?

I know I can do this with a custom solution integrating the GRAPH API but I need this all to live on the Facebook Page. I can't find anything in Facebook to set an event capacity or even fire an event when someone RSVPs so I could manually close the event. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately, events are not yet supported as a real time subscription so your best bet is to:

  1. create a cron-job
  2. grant the offline_access,create_event,user_events permissions
  3. Check the attending connection periodically
  4. When it meets a certain number, edit the privacy property to CLOSED
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Thanks! I hadn't seen the real time subscription services yet. Those look handy for other things at least –  Ryan Feb 9 '11 at 2:36

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