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In Excel, say, I have a series of dates in column A, and some values in column B.

In a different cell I want to grab the value from column B for that row where column A has a specific date (I can specific the date in my formula).

What formula should I use?


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You are looking for this:


lookup_value is the date you want to find, table_array should include columns A and B, col_index_num is the column you want to get (in this case, 2 for column B) and range_lookup is FALSE, since you seem to want an exact match:

Try this, for example (the date to look for should be put on C1, dates on A and values on B):

=VLOOKUP(C1, $A$1:$B$100, 2, FALSE)
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Thanks Emilio. I can't believe I didn't figure this one out considering I use vlookup quite a lot! –  Sriram Feb 6 '11 at 19:58

Will all the dates be unique? If so, you could use SUMIF. Something like this:

=SUMIF(A1:A10,"the date I want",B1:B10)
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Hi Dave, thanks a lot. That's quite an innovative approach. –  Sriram Feb 6 '11 at 19:58

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