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I have a problem with schema.rb in Rails. If i run rake db:migrate the results are different for different databases, to be precise if I use PostgreSQL and a text field it gives me

t.text     "summary"

line, but with SQLite it gives me

t.text     "summary",    :limit => 255

Also when I use :default, number of spaces differ, PostgreSQL:

t.boolean  "watched",    :default => false, :null => false


t.boolean  "watched",                   :default => false, :null => false

It is quite annoying that when I run rake db:migrate on production it changes my schema.rb and obviously I can't use rake db:schema:load on production when using schema.rb generated in development environment. My question is why are there differences and how do I make them disappear, so schema.rb is the same for production and development?

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For your own sanity, I'd recommend using the same DB engine on development as you do on production. It doesn't take too much effort to get up and running with a local MySQL or PostgreSQL server, and you'll avoid some nasty surprises by doing all of your development and testing on the same backend you'll be using once you push to production.

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Not exactly an answer I was looking for, but it's a good piece of advice. I'll just use PostgreSQL in development too, thanks. –  Marek Sapota Feb 5 '11 at 0:25
The differences between DBs are numerous and subtle, and Rails does not provide a completely sealed abstraction around the DB — nor is it meant to. Using the same DB in dev and production is an absolute must. –  Paul Cantrell Oct 14 '11 at 23:25

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