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Although I don't think the question was as good as it could be, let me try to explain better here.

I have a site using SMARTY 3 as the template system. I have a template structure similar to the below one:




These are getting included on the parent template using

{include file="{$temp_folder}/{$inner_template}"}

So far great. What I wanted to do is having a default for, in the case that the file {$temp_folder}/{$inner_template} does not exists, it uses the equivalent file at default/{$inner_template}.

i.e. If I do {include file="place1/inner_c.tpl"}, since that file does not exists it in fact includes "default/inner_c.tpl"

Is it possible?

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@Andrew Thanks for moving. It was my first question and I didn't know which to use. –  Yohan Leafheart Feb 4 '11 at 22:49

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You'll have to do it in php, smarty doesn't have a way to check if a file exists.

You could write your own template handler too.

// put this function somewhere in your application

function make_template ($resource_type, $resource_name, &$template_source, &$template_timestamp,
    if( $resource_type == 'file' ) {
        if ( ! is_readable ( $resource_name )) {
            // create the template file, return contents.
            $template_source = "This is a new template.";
            require_once SMARTY_CORE_DIR . 'core.write_file.php';
            smarty_core_write_file( array( 'filename'=>$smarty_obj->template_dir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $resource_name, 'contents'=>$template_source ), $smarty_obj ); 
            return true;
    } else {
        // not a file
        return false;

// set the default handler
$smarty->default_template_handler_func = 'make_template';
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Ah that's bad. But creating a different template handler should do. Thanks for the fast answer. –  Yohan Leafheart Feb 4 '11 at 22:48

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