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I need to compare two xml documents.

Assume that each of the following XElement's load from a Stream:

XElement actualElement = XElement.Load(actual);
XElement expectedElement = XElement.Load(expected);

Using that, which of the following two is better:

XNodeEqualityComparer comparer = new XNodeEqualityComparer();
comparer.Equals(actualElement, expectedElement);


XElement.DeepEquals(actualElement, expectedElement);

I know that the second option is shorter, but I am more interested in whether or not you get any speed improvements or better/deeper comparison when using one or the other. The comparison itself needs to compare the elements, attributes, and all values between the two xml documents.

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The XNodeEqualityComparer.Equals method simply calls the XNode.DeepEquals method. So there is no difference between the two calls.

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Thanks. I suppose if I had actually fired up Reflector and looked at XNodeEqualityComparer.Equals, I would have seen this: public bool Equals(XNode x, XNode y) { return XNode.DeepEquals(x, y); }. Doh! –  schellack Feb 7 '11 at 21:02

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