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Ruby on Rails scalability/performance?

I'm aware from the twitter shortages that Ruby on Rails can sometimes prove difficult when scalability becomes an issue. I'm wondering though.. Ruby on it's own.. does it lack scalability?

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If this question was only asking about Rails, it'd be an exact duplicate, but it also asks about Plain Old Ruby Objects. –  Andrew Grimm Feb 6 '11 at 21:51

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See Ruby on Rails scalability/performance?, read Keith's answer. This is very opinionated, but Twitter seems to be an example of how to design a system that doesn't scale. I don't think their issues are predominantly in their choice of language.

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Ruby is a general-purpose language.

There is nothing more or less scalable about Ruby than C#, Java, Python, "general purpose language X" or even Haskell (although some argue that code which is forced to be side-effect free is more scalable; this doesn't preclude writing code with only localized effects in Ruby, e.g). [Note that I have excluded languages explicitly designed to be massively-distributed scalable such as Erlang or those that use MPI for the sake of keeping the argument simple].

Remember that Ruby on Rails is just one framework for one environment that follows one approach.

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