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Hi I'm working on a small bash script that will scan lan every 5 minutes and get live host and then get theirs MAC addresses.

So far I have this:

nmap -sP -n -oG - | grep "Up" | awk '{print $2}'

Which gives me ip addresses. Now I have to do something like

arp -an | grep 'ip'

but I'm new to bash and I don't know how :)

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Here is a script that does exactly what you want:


HOSTS=$(nmap -sP -n -oG - | grep "Up" | awk '{print $2}')

for host in ${HOSTS}; do
  arp -an | grep ${host} | awk '{print $2 $4}'
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great!! Problem now is that I get error like - ( – ajitam Feb 5 '11 at 0:19

Try using arp-scan, e.g:

sudo arp-scan --interface=wlan0
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For the second part of the query You could use arping :

for host in $(nmap -sP -n -oG - | grep "Up" | awk '{print $2}');
    do arping $host -c 1;
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This one outputs all records in a greppable format:

nmap -n -sP | awk '/Nmap scan report/{printf $5;printf " ";getline;getline;print $3;}'

It seems to work also for IP's/MAC's which are not already in the hosts ARP table. That's a good thing. On my system the script from the accepted answer only shows hosts which are listed in the ARP table...

Results in: B8:27:EB:8E:C5:51 00:26:B6:E1:4B:EB 00:01:29:02:55:25
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