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I have an Magento-based ecommerce store and I want to have product add-ons (e.g. chocolates) that customers can add to their orders.

  • Add-on products should not be visible in the regular catalog.
  • My products either will have add-on products or not (i.e. I'm not doing different combinations of add-ons for different customers)
  • If I add a new add-on product, it should show on every product that has add-ons enabled

What is the best way in Magento to create add-on products? Are there any modules that will work well for this.

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I think you need to give some more examples or description. Describe how these add-on products are different to cross-sell or up-sell. How would they be presented to customers? –  Jonathan Day Feb 7 '11 at 0:52
The issue with magento cross-sell is that each product has a unique up-sell product, which is hard to manage. In my store all products have the same three cross-sell products. Are there any modules that allow you to manage add-ons/cross-sells easily for all products like this? –  william tell Feb 7 '11 at 16:29
@william tell: I see that you have accepted an answer. The downside with that approach is that your add-on products will remain in the cart when the main product is removed. Ideally, I would think the addon products cannot be purchased by themselves. I'm thinking about writing an extension because I need to do something similar. Have you found a existing solution for this? –  musicliftsme Dec 21 '13 at 0:22

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Some solutions I can think of:


  • Create all your add-on products as normal products.
  • For each product that has add-on, add the add-on products to cross-sell or related-products of the product.
  • Set the visibility attribute on 'Catalogus' and don't add them to any categories.


  • (Create all your add-on products as normal products.)
  • Make grouped products of your product and any add-ons you want to add.
  • Set the add-on products on 'Don't visible individually' and probably the original products also.
  • Add the grouped products to the category structure.
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