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is the following implemetation correct for merge sort?

public int [] merge_srt(int [] ary){
            return ary;
        int mid = (int)ary.length/2;
        int a1[] =  merge_srt(Arrays.copyOfRange(ary, 0, mid));
        int a2[] = merge_srt(Arrays.copyOfRange(ary, mid+1,  ary.length-1));
        return mergeA(a1,a2);


    public  int[]  mergeA(int[] a1,int [] a2){

        // merge 2 array and reurn one sorted array

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At first glance it seems okay, but what do your tests say? –  Mark Elliot Feb 5 '11 at 0:51

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    if (ary.length == 1)            
       return ary; 


    if (ary.length <= 1)            
       return ary; 
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