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I'm trying to build a REST API using django-piston and in the library, I can specify the fields to display using a tuples.

fields = ('id', 'title', ('author', 'username',),)

Hence, I would like to allow the developer to request the data format via GET operation such as:


I've read that I can use eval() to convert string to tuple. However, I met with two blockers.

  1. Is there an easy way to add quotes to the param name such that it become "('id','title', ('author','username'))"?
  2. Is eval safe to do it? I read that I can removed the builtin functions via this: eval("('id','title',('author','username',),)", {'_builtins_':[]}, {})

For a little context as to why I'm allowing developer to specify the dataset, I'm following the advice from LinkedIn on how to build REST API.

Here's the link: http://blog.linkedin.com/2009/07/08/brandon-duncan-java-one-building-consistent-restful-apis-in-a-high-performance-environment/

Any help is really appreciated.

Cheers, Mickey

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You didn't specify the Python version you are using, but here's a solution that works in Python 2.6 and doesn't use eval.

import ast

def parse_params(s):
    root = ast.parse(s)
    expr = root.body[0]
    return process_node(expr.value)

def process_node(node):
    if isinstance(node, ast.Tuple):
        return tuple(map(process_node, node.elts))
    elif isinstance(node, ast.Name):
        return node.id
        raise ValueError("unsupported node type %r" % node)
>>> parse_params('(id,title,(author,username,),)')
('id', 'title', ('author', 'username'))
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thanks, it works :) –  Mickey Cheong Feb 5 '11 at 9:01

I would just use regular string methods for parsing, and whatever syntax you find suitable. In my opinion, it's totally uncool to expose your inner gears like that.

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There is a huge benefits in allowing the dev to specify the dataset. In any case, this is an internal API used for mobile device. –  Mickey Cheong Feb 5 '11 at 1:44

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