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I have an application which runs two threads.

  • One thread is the main thread while the other one is to monitor the main thread.
  • The errors are written to a custom event log
  • There is an event handler to handle the event logs
  • When an event occurs I want to create a new thread and update the event to a sql table (pseudo code)
  • Also in case their are number of errors/events how should I handle them (pseudo code)

I would appreciate if any one can help with some sort of pseudo code for the above two items.

Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

In your error event handler...

Dim thdLogError as New System.Threading.Thread(AddressOf MethodThatLogsError(ErrorObjectThatGetsPassedIn))

Then you can insert the error to the database in your MethodThatLogsError procedure. I imagine you get one error at a time, but if you are getting multiple you will have to iterate through the array or list of errors you are getting.

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