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Hey guys, I'm relatively new to vim, but so far I'm loving it. I'm coming from Geany, and the only thing I really miss about it was the ability to type a single quote, and Geany (or one of it's plugins) would insert another single quote and move the cursor between them. The same thing when you typed the closing '>' on a div tag; Geany would add the closing '' tag and re-position the cursor between them. I know this has to be possible with vim, and I sure it exist somewhere but I'm not finding what I'm looking for with google. How do I achieve this?

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Does something like snipmate move the cursor and auto add text? – danwoods Feb 5 '11 at 3:18

You can use HTML AutoCloseTag plugin to automatically close the tags.

and to close the braces, quotes etc, you can use AutoClose plugin:

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This seems to work OK for me... gives me '', "", (), and {} with cursor in the right place.

imap ' <C-V>'<C-V>'<Left>
imap " <C-V>"<C-V>"<Left>
imap { <C-V>{<C-V>}<Left>
imap ( <C-V>(<C-V>)<Left>

Might have odd sideffects that I haven't thought of though... And I'm sure theres a nicer solution...

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I use delimitMate which works for [], {}, () "", '' but I am not sure it works for tags.

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I use the AutoClose Plugin as mentioned by Jinxed_Coder. I'll look into Delimitmate.

I've assign a map when I don't need the autocompletion for " ' ( { [, like for example when using omnicompletion with neocompcache, it will add the opening " but when closing manually, it will add double ". Add this to your .vimrc and read the documentation.

nmap <F2> <Plug>ToggleAutoCloseMappings

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try xptemplate. it auto-closes braces, and have much more code snippets (but i don't use html, so just install it and try some to check if it fits your meeds).

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