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in application i have a xml tree Root---> Subject---> SubjectID 1 /SubjectID SubjectName MatheMatics /SubjectName Sub_Subject----> Sub_SubjectID 1 /Sub_SubjectID Sub_SubjectName Calculus /Sub_SubjectName /Sub_Subject Sub_Subject Sub_SubjectID 2 /Sub_SubjectID Sub_SubjectName Geometry /Sub_SubjectName /Sub_Subject /Subject Subject----> SubjectID 2 /SubjectID SubjectName Physics /SubjectName /Subject /Root

i want to store subject in one of table view & sub-subject store in another table view how can i do it pro-grammatically.

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You can parse an XML document using NSXMLParser and its delegate, NSXMLParserDelegate. You should also look into NSPropertyListSerialization too.

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Hi.... David can you provide some sort of code where form i started thanks in advance...... –  iOS_User Feb 5 '11 at 6:17
Its better for you to read "Event-Driven XML Programming Guide". It's very detailed and will give you what you need. –  David Feb 5 '11 at 20:50

NSXMLParser can be used for parsing XML files. You can google and you will defintely find sample codes.You can also try using TouchXML.

I just googled and found this link

hopw this helps

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Here is a good tutorial NSXmlparser Hope this help..

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