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I use WinXP sp3, and I have created a .bat file that does something. When I double click on it, a Notepad is opened and I can edit the batch file - but it is not run ??!?!

I expect that when I double click a .bat file - it should run, no? How can I fix this?

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Check if you have this key in your registry :


if you have one it means that the .bat extension is currently associated with notepad (or another program defined by the "Progid" key under this node).

Backup you registry and remove this .bat "UserChoice" node.

your .bat files should then run normally.

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Another common mistake is to have "hide extensions of known file types" set, meaning that although the file name says


it is really


You need to go into "Folder Options --> View Options" to untick this.

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It's still easily seen in the icon and the listed type. I don't particularly consider it a mistake not to clear that option. – Joey Feb 5 '11 at 10:56

Try right clicking it, hovering over "open with" and selecting "command prompt".

As a developer of batch files, windows opens .bat with notepad by default. Someone who doesn't write them will probably by default launch the file with the command line.

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Check to be sure it is an executable file under the properties security tab.

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Ok, the problem you have made is saving it as "something.bat" while the File Type Option Below has been set to "Text Document" and hence a .txt is added to the end.

However, to handle your current issue, you can open it in notepad and save-as "All File Types". Other wise you can use cmd to the directory of the file and use the ren command by:

ren Something.bat.txt Something.bat

And you're problem is solved. Note, pressing tab in cmd will automatically select the alphabetically closed item in the current DIR.


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Here is my solution:

Here's the entry to delete:


After the reboot check your file associations again. It should now show Name =.bat, Description=Windows Batch File, Current Default=Unknown application. With this association your bat files should execute normally.

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Just drag and drop the file to command prompt

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