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Hey, can someone tell me why my php doesen't execute the SQL Code in PGSQL.. The connection is working fine, i send query's with p_send_query but pg_execute doesen't work ..

      "INSERT into 'frontend_usermessage' 
              (opened, created, text, to_user_id, 
               from_user_id, administrative, subject) 
       VALUES ('NULL','$created','$text','$to_user',
       or die(pg_error());

    $credits_new = $credits - 1;
    pg_send_query($PG_Con, "UPDATE users_mfuser SET song_credits='$credits_new' 
                     WHERE user_ptr_id='$cookie'") or die(pg_error());
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People are really not interested in asking question they are just interested in posting questions – Shakti Singh Feb 5 '11 at 8:05
Where are you calling pg_execute? What doesn't work, are you getting errors? If so, please post them. – The Scrum Meister Feb 5 '11 at 8:11
This is the problem, i try with pg_execute, pg_exec, pg_send_exec .. but nothing from this tree doesen't work.. Php don't send the information to PSQL with this tree commands. How to fix this functions .. – user596500 Feb 5 '11 at 8:14

U can use in this way for executing pg_execute(),

$Query = pg_query("your query here....").

it will work definitely..... and also please post your entire code so that i can explain you clearly..

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I don't know PHP but I see two problems int the SQL that you use

  • The syntax INSERT INTO 'frontend_usermessage' is wrong. A table name may not be enclosed in single quotes
  • 'NULL' will insert the character string NULL into that column, *no*t a NULL value. If opened is not a varchar/text column, this will throw an error (unless there is some magic processing going on in PHP, that turns the string 'NULL' into a null value)

But you need to explain precisely what doesen't work means.
doesen't work is not a valid Postgres error (and most probably not a valid PHP error either)

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