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folks! I wonder how to make url like: As you can see there is nested category. I've already looked at acts-as-tree and awesome nested sets, but it makes urls like

So, please help me

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If you want to use a resource-ful controller, make a route like this:

scope '(*categories)' do
  resources :articles

this will require using 'article' at the end of your urls: /coding/ruby/rails/articles/article-name

or you can use a route like this:

match '(*categories)/:id' => 'articles#show', :as => :article

this will let you do article_path(:categories => 'coding/ruby/rails', :id => article.friendly_id)

to get /coding/ruby/rails/article-name

If you are using awesome_nested_set, you could generate the categories string by doing something like

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You could try using Friendly-id.

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tnx, I already tried this gem. The main problem is maintaining "breadcrumbs" in url (nested url). I haven't any problems with converting rails/1 to rails/article-name – Fluffy Feb 5 '11 at 8:52

To set this up, you start with a route that does "route globbing":

match "*category" => "categories#show"


match "categories/*category" => "categories#show"

in your controller, you will receive all the parts of of the url through the params hash. To keep things clean, define the search logic in your model

def show
  @category = Category.find_recursive(*params[:categories])

in your model, define a method to find the category. I am assuming acts_as_tree is defined in your model

def self.find_recursive(*categories)
  children = roots
  last = nil
  categories.each do |category|
    return unless children

    last = children.find_by_permalink(category)
    children = last.children
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