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I found this issue to always happen and not consistent.

This issue causing jquery .text comparison not working, because jQuery trying to compare actual wording but fail.

Eg: 'Second Title' is showing as 1 line of wording at browser, but when view html source, the 'Second' and 'Title' is in different line.

Thus, causing if($(this).text()=="Second Title") not working.

Any good way to eliminate the whitespaces at html source in such case? so that I can continue to use .text comparison.

Sample showing not working version.

        <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1">

            <td width="400" colspan="3" align="center"><span>First Title</span></td>

          <tr align="center">

            <td width="400" colspan="3" align="center"><span>Second

          <tr align="center">


$(document).ready(function() {



function replaceText()

    var first, second
    first= "", second="";

    $("*").each(function() {
            if($(this).text()=="First Title")
                first+= jQuery.trim($(this).closest('tr').next('tr').find("td").eq(0).text());

            if($(this).text()=="Second Title")
                second+= jQuery.trim($(this).closest('tr').next('tr').find("td").eq(0).text());                   

alert(second); //fail

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If you don't rely on repetitions of whitespace (say, 3 spaces), you could replace all contiguous whitespace by a space.

function shrinkWhitespace(t) {
    return t.replace(/\s+/g, ' '); 


>> shrinkWhitespace('Second \n\tTitle') == 'Second Title'
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