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I've seen some iOS libraries for authenticating Twitter on iOS, and they all present Twitter's own authentication web page in a UIWebView.

However, I've also seen a few iPhone apps on the store which just present the user with a couple of UITextFields to enter, which seems more professional. How have they done this, and is there any example code which does this?

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An overview and explanation of twitters current authorization methods can be found here:

From your description I think you are talking about oauth echo or xauth.

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You have to apply for xAuth use you can do this by going to Twitter's xAuth page, where you can then apply for your app to have xAuth and then for the actual code check out this: st3fan /iPhone-twitter using xAuth. Hope this helps.

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I recommend you to use a Twitter engine,

This is very easy to use, and can be adopted seamlessly with your current codes. I use this extensively, and it has native xAuth support.

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