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I want to run some code on startup to pre-cache some stuff, and would also like to start a Timer to re-cache some things outside the critical path of a web request. Is this possible with Play Framework, and where so I put this code?

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You need to create a bootstrap job which will be executed by Play at application start time.

public class Bootstrap extends Job {

    public void doJob() {
       //do stuff

Read more about how to do this in the Play Manual.

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In playframework 2.0 and above, use GlobalSettings, as the following code:

import play.*;

public class Global extends GlobalSettings {

  public void onStart(Application app) {
    Logger.info("Application has started");

  public void onStop(Application app) {
    Logger.info("Application shutdown...");

more information, go to playframework docs: JavaGlobal

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You can simply create a route with a specifiq action (for example code to initDB in dev environment) otherwise the precedent response is correct, you can give an different name but don't forget to change the name of the class in application.conf :

    # Global object class
    # ~~~~~
    # Define the Global object class for this application.
    # Default to Global in the root package.
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