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i want to replace some parts in a file by dreamweaver using the search and replace function with reg ex. How I can I specify this part:


Is there any way to make this:



redirect301 h

Many Thanks in advance, Cindy

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Sorry, I don't quite get the question. What do you mean by that lastmod part at the beginning? – Adrian Grigore Feb 5 '11 at 16:15
@ Adrian: i want to replace this part with nothing... – Cindy Feb 5 '11 at 17:29

If I understand correctly, you would want to search for <lastmod>([^<]*)</lastmod> to get the full lastmod tag.

As far as I understand regexes, this selector means "everything that is not the character <", so it assumes there will be no tags nested inside the lastmod. The parentheses are optional, but they allow you to refer to the matched string when replacing, like in the next case. Replace




to pass the mathching this/that to the $1 variable. The regex matches all non-whitespace characters. I'm not sure how to account for missing trailing slashes, so watch out for inconsistencies. Hope it helps.

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