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I am setting up a couple of MySQLi multi_query function. I know you can't use prepared statements with multi_query, so I wanted to know what security precautions is recommended to use with muti_query.


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Input escaping is not a precaution, it's a requirement for producing a valid query that will execute at all. –  Dan Grossman Feb 5 '11 at 16:41

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Pretty much yes. Especially given, that multi_query() allows for 'exploits of a mum' type of injection. So yeah:

  1. Escape strings
  2. Cast inetgers to integers and floats to floats
  3. If possible, assign your application privileges to SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE only.
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In fact, [mysqli_]real_escape_string() has nothing to do with security. It's more like syntax formatter.

For the complete guide on securing queries refer to this my answer: In PHP when submitting strings to the DB should I take care of illegal characters using htmlspecialchars() or use regex?

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