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I have seen both examples quite a bit.

Let's say you have

<div class="contentHere"></div>

So in css are both methods correct like this?

Method 1: .contentHere { }

Method 2: div.contentHere { }

Please advise.


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Yes, either way is fine. div.contentHere is just more specific and only applies to <div> elements with that class whereas .contentHere is type-agnostic.

Note that if you specify both, styles declared in div.contentHere will override those in .contentHere in the cascade, due to the former having more specificity.

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.contentHere will apply to ANY element with class="contentHere" be it a span, div, p, td, etc.

div.contentHere will only apply to div elements with class="contentHere".

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Method one will apply to any element which has the class "contentHere".

Method two will only apply to <div> elements which have the class "contentHere".

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