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I am making a windows program that

  1. polls a server every 5 seconds and (normally) gets an acknowledgement by POST (there are custom messages)
  2. executes alternate code (a packet loggger in this case) when the replies dont come
  3. uploads a file to the server by POST when the link is back up.

Please recommend a good C++ library that provides HTTP client functionality as well as a newb-friendly environment (easy debugging) for developing it. Visual C++, minGW?

I am a newb with programming and a first-time poster here. Google confused me but it led me to libCURL. Pardon me for unclear language or scope.

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Look up WinInet. It's the Windows API's native HTTP client, with POST capability among others. Libcurl is portable, but it's not technically a part of Windows, you have to link/ship it with the software.

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