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I have a retain property, which is an NSArray of child View controllers. I want to modify the setter of this property so that when the view controllers are set I set a property on the view controller containing a reference to self. In the same way when you add a view controller to a tab bar controller, the view controllers tabBarController property is set.

Should I be creating a custom setter (rather than the synthesized one) or should /i be using key value observing I think I've heard about.

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Although you could do it either way, my personal opinion would be to use a custom setter - if only because it would make it clearer for a third-party exactly what was doing what in the code. Using your own setter is probably more readable than setting up a key-value observer and having a method triggered upon a property change.

Also, from a computational perspective using KVO is more expensive than a custom setter. The impact in your application may be negligible, but it's worth considering.

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What exactly is the code @synthesize is a shortcut for, the Apple docs give 3 different versions for retain, and I'm not sure which to use. –  Jonathan. Feb 8 '11 at 18:58
@synthesize automatically generates the getter/setter methods at compile time. –  lxt Feb 8 '11 at 20:35

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