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The following use to work as expected on the local development server and on deployment.

client = gdata.youtube.service.YouTubeService()
query = gdata.youtube.service.YouTubeVideoQuery()

query.vq = search_term
query.orderby = 'viewCount'
query.max_results = '5'

feed = client.YouTubeQuery(query)

It now only works on the development server but fails on deployment. (no feed returned)

I don't think the python clent has been updated for the new v2 youtube api, but support is still there for v1 correct? Still, if it works locally, I can't see why it would fail when deployed. Has something changed recently that I'm missing?

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Nevermind. I found my mistake. Forgot to add back developer key to revised code. Works locally, but gets quota errors when doing a query from the appengine servers.

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