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Is there any equivalent annotation in EJB for @Required (Spring)? I do dependency injection using setters and I want to be sure that resource was injected (almost no probability of NullPointerException ;)). In Spring it is easy:

public void setProperty(Property p) {
 this.property = p;

Is there any way to do such a validation in EJB? (Maybe some other solution than annotatations). Thanks

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In EJB3 you do it via @EJB and @Resource and it just works :-) –  Heiko Rupp Feb 25 '11 at 16:45
And there is no way that in some circumstances container will inject null or not do the injection at all? –  Piotrek De Feb 28 '11 at 8:01

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In ejb injection is done via @EJB and @Resource (as stated above). If the bean for the given (or auto-generated) name doesn't exist you get an error from the container (in many cases this happens at deployment time).

The only way to (maybe) get a nullpointer exception inside a ejb bean is if you try to access an injected object in the default constructor. By spec injection happens after the constructor and before the @PostConstruct lifecycle is called.

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