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How do i implement a dynamic navigation in php?


Home | about | contact | faq | tutorials

i need to automatically generate the links dynamically respectively to each page without much script. e.g i should have all the links without manually entering the links to each other page?

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Sounds similar to stackoverflow.com/questions/115629/… –  Sebastian Paaske Tørholm Feb 5 '11 at 19:02

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You may want to look into the Linked question that @Sebastian P provided, as it starts you off on learning about controllers and request routing that will help keep your code organized and efficient.

However, if you just want to display a menu for a known set of pages without re-architecting your current code, how about this:

$pages = array(
    'index.php' => 'Home',
    'about.php' => 'About',
    'contact.php' => 'Contact',
    'faq.php' => 'FAQ',
    'tutorials.php' => 'Tutorials',
) ;

$currentPage = basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) ;


<div id="menu">
    <ul id="menuList">
        <?php foreach ($pages as $filename => $pageTitle) { 
            if ($filename == $currentPage) { ?>
        <li class="current"><?php echo $pageTitle ; ?></li>
            <?php } else { ?>
        <li><a href="<?php echo $filename ; ?>"><?php echo $pageTitle ; ?></a></li>
            } //if 
         } //foreach 

Put this in its own file, say menu.php, and then include it in each page. Then you can style your menu with CSS.

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i have already done this in my own style, but for each sub directory i go deep down, i still have to loop and test each page, and this navigation depends on the host. i usually have problems in xampp. you have to create a virtual sub domain for this to work –  Smith Feb 6 '11 at 10:44
@Oghenero you have multiple files in multiple subdirectories that you don't have a definite list for and you need the script to dynamically explore the filesystem and find them? –  Fanis Feb 6 '11 at 11:31

It seems that you want to include a menu file in all your pages. You can use include().

In all your pages:

    <?php include('navigation.php'); ?>

    Contents of this page here...


And in navigation.php:

<div id="mainmenu">
  <a href="home.php">Home</a> | <a href="about.php">About</a> | etc...

This way you can update your navigation menu just once for all your pages.

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i agree with the first solution even if its a bit simply. For me you have to split your website into some script where you include your navigation script like the second solution.

but if you really want to make a dynamic navigation, your data cant be write in a file and they are stock in a database or on an xml file.... to do that you have to create a class or a function who parse your data and create array like first solution.

 /* header.php (main header template)*/
     <div id="mainMenu">
          <?php echo Navigation::getNav($databaseCnx);?>

and in another script you have to create a class who manage the data

class Navigation{
    static function getNav($cnx){
         $menuList = '<ul>';
         $dataFromDataBase = $cnx->getArray('MySqlRequest');

         foreach($dataFromDataBase as $menu) {
              $menuList  .='<li><a href="'.$menu->uri.'">'.$menu->name.'</a></li>';

         $menuList .= '</ul>';

         return $menuList;

i write it fast but i hope i can help some who look for tips to create dynamic menu.

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