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I have a virtual alias setup in /etc/postfix/virtual that reads: mydomainincoming

I then have a pipe setup in /etc/aliases that reads:

mydomainincoming: "|/var/path_to_script/myscript.php"

whenever I send mail to more than one user such as and, my script is called twice and is passed the exact same email both times. For 3 users, the script is called 3X. How should I set this up so that my script only receives one email even if the email is sent to more than one user?

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Just to clarify, when I send email to more than one user by specifying 2 emails in the to: field, I get 2 emails piped to the script. If I specify more than one email in the to: field, I would like only one email to be piped to my script. –  rciiipo Feb 5 '11 at 20:29

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It occurred to me that the answer was somewhat obvious, and that the reason I am receiving more than one email is because I have set up a virtual alias that handles mail sent to any user on

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