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How do we paste an image from clipboard into a custom rich text editor using javascript? (ctrl+c and ctrl+v or a snapshot).

Has anyone used Ajax's rich text editor? Does pasting an image from clipboard to Ajax RTE work?

Please do share your thoughts!


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AJAX is generally considered a technology... has an actual web dev organization seriously named themselves AJAX? They're just asking for trouble. – Matchu Aug 4 '09 at 21:12
Well, considering the name AJAX was ripped off from a mythical greek warrior (no matter what they claim it's an acronym of) what's another layer of ripping off? – GenericMeatUnit Feb 4 '10 at 13:18

Because this question still often shows up in Google's search results, I want to point out this is possible today, at least in Google Chrome. They implemented it to use in GMail, but it is available for all websites.

How does the paste image from clipboard functionality work in Gmail and Google Chrome 12+?

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It is now possible in other browsers. I am using FF17 and can use imgur.com's paste from clipboard functionality – user66001 Feb 2 '13 at 10:04

New browsers, like Firefox 4, support pasting of image data from clipboard into a RTE as Data URI with encoded PNG Data. However, most web applications incorrectly parse these Data URIs and discard it. Yahoo mail properly handles. However Gmail and Hotmail discard it. I have notified Google and Microsoft about this.

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For now i found the clipboardData Object .

But it retrieve only text format or URL from clipboard. clipboardData is IE only, it works with character string and return null if we paste an image.

a test example

    <input type="text" id="context"  onClick="paste();">  

<script type="text/javascript"> 

function paste() {  

var sRetrieveData = clipboardData.getData("Text");
document.getElementById('context').value = sRetrieveData;        


By default clipboard access is not enabled on firefox, explanation here. On the other way, execCommand() only process text values and is not Firefox compliant.

Like the others said, the fact that code works on IE is a security risk, any site can access your clipboard text.

The easiest way to copy images relative URL is to use a java applet, windows activeX plugin, .net code or drag and drop it.

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Is it possible to retrieve image from clipboard data using javascript? – kani Jan 30 '09 at 6:36
You can't. To be honest i haven't tested with "native security disabled" settings, but as far i searched there is no way for this. – belaz Jan 30 '09 at 9:13
you can do it in gmail, therefore it's possible. – Dainius Jul 6 '11 at 14:31

This is definitely possible now in Chrome and Firefox. I'm not so sure about IE/Safari.

Look at imgur.com, onpaste, and pasteboard.co as examples, and see the code for pasteboard on github as well as Joel's excellent write up on his blog

For the record, you need the user to press Ctrl+V on your element, and then you can capture the data in the paste event handler by reading from event.clipboardData but to make it work down-level, you need to be sure focus is on an empty contenteditable element, and pull the results from there, which doesn't work well in Firefox 22. See here

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Unfortunately, It's not possible to paste an image from your clipboard to the RTE.

If you copy a blob from a desktop app like Microsoft Word that contains an image and some text, the image will turn up as a broken reference (though the proportions will be correct) and the text will be pasted correctly (formatting will be lost).

The only thing that is possible is to copy an image within the RTE and paste back within the RTE.

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No longer correct. – user66001 Feb 2 '13 at 10:26

As of sometime ago:

I don't think this is possible.

You can possibly paste the file name, but you really need the full path to the image. You actually need to upload the image from the user's system to the server.

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sudden downvote ... why? – Toby Hede Sep 20 '11 at 10:57
No longer correct. – user66001 Feb 2 '13 at 10:28
@user66001 feel free to elaborate – Toby Hede Feb 3 '13 at 8:19
@TobyHede I would suggest that you add the date as of todate: Jan 29 '09 I don't think it's possible to avoid down votes :). I think should suggest that it is just an opinion and not a fact but people do NOT know any better :) – Val Feb 7 '13 at 15:55

JavaScript clipboard access is a security risk and if you (falsely) think you need it you probably need to go back to your design...

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I said that in a different question and got plussed. that's funny. +1 from me – naugtur Mar 29 '10 at 13:20
This is true in the case of IE's implementation, however webkit allows the clipboard to be accesses only when the user initiates a paste action. This is useful as you can do things like strip out html before the paste completes. – Nico Burns Jul 23 '11 at 22:59
My user wants to open an app, press Alt+Print Screen to take a screenshot, and paste it into a Rich Text Editor in my wiki (or a plain text editor and paste as a link to the image i'll dynamically create in the background). What design do you suggest to better answer my need? – DonkeyMaster Sep 15 '11 at 12:36
@jgauffin Did you check the date of this post? Back then trying to use clipboard was a bad idea - possible only in IE and insecure (as far as I remember) – naugtur Sep 5 '12 at 17:37
"if you (falsely) think you need it you probably need to go back to your design"... How on earth can a useability advantage be bad? Do you enjoy saving your screenshots to file first? – user66001 Feb 2 '13 at 10:00

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