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I have plans to create a simple bot for a game I run and have it sit on MSN and answer queries. I want to use Python to do this and googled around and found MSNP. I thought "great" and "how awesome" but it appears that it's about 5 years old and oddly enough doesn't connect to MSN as they've probably changed one or two small little things over the years.

Does anybody know of something equivalent to that?

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I don't know of anything equivalent, but you can look at the source to libpurple and roll your own without a terrible amount of difficulty.

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I actually had someone else pass me their own version and this seems like the closest thing to the correct answer. –  Teifion Jan 29 '09 at 16:29

If you're prepared to do some hard work with the original source code, you could update it to support the current version of the MSN protocol:


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You can use msnlib, which after a quick test seems to be up to date, and is quite a small and readable library in two files, with a reference implementation of a few cli chat clients and chat bots.

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