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I'm trying to implement play in my current job. And my manager asked me how would play framework deal with 1 millions records and MySql (I know that it is silly)...I've answered back that any problem JPA can address, PLAY also can... But he want some report...

So, I thought on creating a test method with play UnitTest... a simple query from the database with one million records in some table.

Question: Is there some way to simulate one millon record in mysql database ?

PS: I know that maybe it could not be a PLAY related question...

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Something like this will help:

MyController extends Controller {
    public static void doInsert() {
        for (int i=0;i<1000000;i++) {
            final SampleEntity entity = new SampleEntity();
            entity.firstName = "First Name "+i;
            entity.anotherProperty = i;

You may need to deal a bit with flushing the connection every so often (this is from memory, may not be quite right) in order to avoid problems with Hibernate/JPA caching so many rows:

if (i % 50000 == 0) {
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Insert a million records into a table. It will take a few minutes at most. You can't simulate real performance without real data.

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