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I have a partial that represents a header that I want to place on some of my pages. Each page, though, has a different title. I want to 'inject' this title into the partial.

Here's what I'm trying to do, although it's not working:

= render :partial => "section_head_top"
    %span( id= "section_head_header") Apply
    = render :partial => "section_head_divider"

Section_head_top partial code:


I want the %span line to be inside of the section_head_content div. I am getting "syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting $end" for two lines outside of my code (even when the bottom partial is removed).

How is this done?

Thank you!!

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I would recommend using a local variable in your partial. For example, if your partial code looks something like this (_section_head_top.haml):

- title ||= 'Default Header'
    %span( id => "section_head_header")= title
    = render :partial => "section_head_divider"

You can call this from your code:

= render :partial => "section_head_top", :locals => { :title => 'Apply' }
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