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For some time I noticed that MySQL would append comments to InnoDB tables that have foreign keys defined. It looks like this:

InnoDB free: 0 kB; (event_id) REFER events(event_id) ON U...

In order to display my table description correctly, I have to parse string and split it by semicolon. It is not big deal in general, however it's quite annoying to see this messages all the time in Database GUI.

I went through stackoverflow and found this question which was not very handy in my case, so I'm wandering is it possible to disable this behaviour/bug?

UPDATE: MySQL version installed on hosting provider servers is 5.0.77

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In general using information_schema views gives you more flexibility when fetching information about database objects. – Mchl Feb 5 '11 at 21:24
I agree but result is still the same, MySQL adds this annoying comments to table description – Nazariy Feb 5 '11 at 21:32
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I found this question in MySQL official forum. It seems that MySQL engineers know the problem but aren't fixing it.,49710,49710#msg-49710

I'm not sure I'm in the position to negotiate a change in the InnoDB storage engine, however if you ask me as a user and a MySQL developer I'd say: yes, change this as soon as you can. The free space info does not belong in the table comment. .. Mike Lischke, Senior Software Engineer MySQL Developer Tools Oracle Corporation, ..


some applications will break when we move the info from the comment to Data_free. And users will need to learn a new way to check the free space. Thus, the change can only take place in a new major version. Heikki Oracle Corp./Innobase Oy InnoDB - transactions, row level locking, and foreign keys for MySQL

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