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I just installed MongoDB. I dont' have replication. All I turned on was auth in the config file. And I configured that properly.

It mostly works, but at random times, it "hangs", and it causes my CPU to jump to LOAD 4.0 when I do "top".

When I view message log, I See a lot of this:

[DataFileSync] flushing mmap took 0ms for 5 files
[DataFileSync] flushing mmap took 0ms for 5 files
[DataFileSync] flushing mmap took 0ms for 5 files

It's weird because it just hangs and nothing happens. These messages keep appearing, and the "accepted connection" does not appear anymore. I don't have replication on, and I didn't configure the mongo with any settings except auth.

Well, Mongo did crash once and I did a "sudo reboot" one time, while mongo was still runningl

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That sync looks pretty normal and only took 0ms ...

That said, MongoDB does have database level locking, so it would "hang" your whole database if some operation caused a lock (like a long query, building a big index, etc.)

I'd shutdown your database and run a repair.

You can run validate first ... to see if it finds anything ...

> db.mycollection.validate();

It might be that there is a error in your data files caused by the unclean shutdown you mentioned ... and it's getting hung up on those errors.

$ ./mongod --repair

You can also run the repair "live" if you don't have too much load.

> db.repairDatabase();

You could also try and anylise the results of mongostat ...

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I did all of those, but it still spikes randomly. 510 syslog 20 0 38272 5268 988 S 51.5 0.9 0:31.80 rsyslogd 1549 mongodb 20 0 910m 38m 36m R 46.9 6.5 1:06.52 mongod – TIMEX Feb 6 '11 at 3:33

MongoDB uses memory mapped files; changes to data are occasionally flushed from RAM to disk. This would be the map flushes you are seeing.

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But why is it hanging, and causing my CPU to spike to 4.0? And all I see are those maps getting logged into the log file. I don't see anything else in the log file when this happens – TIMEX Feb 5 '11 at 21:19

By default mongodb will flush the changes to disk every 60 seconds. It should not be hung up during that time though.

What version of mongodb are you using?

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I am using: MongoDB shell version: 1.6.5 – TIMEX Feb 5 '11 at 21:16
Also, rsyslogd spikes to 99% as well as mongod – TIMEX Feb 5 '11 at 22:07

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