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Best editor/IDE(?) for Javascript / PHP development

I'm developing with jquery/javascript, css, html and php and I would like to know if there is any IDE (even if plug-ins are required) that can give me context help (ctrl+space similar) in every language pointed out. I've been using Dreamwever but the completion help isn't as good as I'd like.

If anyone could recomend a nice IDE I would be very appreciated.

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I always use NetBeans for my web development. It even has the option of automatically uploading everything you change (via FTP) every time you save it, which is a great time saver. It has support for ctrl+space auto-complete and suggestions.

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PhpStorm is really good, and it has zen coding support built in.

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Aptana is always a good bet. Check it out.

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NetBeans is awesome! It's absolutely free.

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