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I had a django project with one database (default). South was installed for generating migration scripts and nose as a test framework. Models were built on this database. All tests were run successfully.

Subsequently, I needed to connect a second database (legacy), which I also added to the DATABASES configuration. I access this database using raw sql and no models. While trying to run the previously running tests, I noticed that:

  1. nose also creates a test database for the legacy database
  2. default django tables (auth_... etc) are also created in this database
  3. south runs all migration scripts against the legacy database as well and fail to do so

What I would like is to disable the creation of the test legacy database and the running of the migration scripts on it. Ideally, I would like to create tables in the test legacy database myself by issuing raw sql create-insert statements. Is that possible?

Thank you for any help.

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Your path of least resistance is probably to write your own test running management command. To do so you can either override the existing command or simply create a separate command with your desired behavior.

The docs for creating custom management commands can be found on the official django docs and you can find a decent example of overriding the stock "test" command in the django-test-extensions project.

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