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As the test department of a small development group providing CRM, GIS and some financial solutions to customers, I have been asked by management to produce a sort of white paper focusing on the testing involved on our products. I have not seen such papers before and am unsure as to what format they should take...Has anyone here written something similar Has anyone come across such documents from other enterprises?

Any help would be appreciated....

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It sounds like the format is a lot less important than the content here.

Why do they want this white paper? What will it tell them? Crucially - what decisions will they take based on the information they gain from the white paper? Is this a document for internal usage, or something they intend to share with customers/partners?

It sounds a little like they may be asking you for a test strategy - if so, I think that you might find this helpful: http://www.satisfice.com/tools/satisfice-tsm-4p.pdf

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