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I'm not sure what will be the best (cross browser) way to implement the following using CSS.

I have a div whose width can be varied dynamically. Inside that div I want to place another set of divs that will act as size indicators. I want them to look something like this:

|                        |   <= outside div
|<------- 500px -------->|

The markup i expect is useful is this:

<div class="resizablediv">

    <div class="size-indicator-wrap">
        <div class="leftarrow"></div>
        <div class="panesize">500px</div>
        <div class="rightarrow"></div>


I now want:

1) .panesize to be centered inside .resizablediv

2) the width of .panesize to be fit to its content (like if float or inline)

3) .leftarrow to be aligned left and .rightarrow to be aligned right

3) the width of .leftarrow and .rightarrow to each take up half of the space remaining; The inner width of .resizablediv minus the outer width of .panesize

For the arrow divs I will use background images to show the arrows

I'm able to do this by recalculating sized and setting everything using relative and absolute positioning etc.. But i would like to use pure CSS if it is possible.

any hint on how to achieve this will be appreciated.

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Is the height of .resizablediv fixed? –  thirtydot Feb 5 '11 at 21:54
yes the height is fixed –  mikkelbreum Feb 5 '11 at 23:48

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