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i have a project which has as maven dependency a jar file which includes a xml file where i stored my rules for checkstyle. I thought it would be ok to just use this configuration: <configLocation>mycheckstyle.xml</configLocation>. My understanding is that the file should be searched on the classpath and my jar file is a Maven dependency so it should be found, however i get a resource not found exception. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance..


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Try adding a dependencies section to your plugin configuration.



See Maven Checkstyle Plugin - Multimodule Configuration for more information.

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This is the correct answer. – Brian Fox Apr 10 '09 at 23:39
This was very helpful for our team. Once we realized this was possible, we created simple POM with jar packaging just to handle our checkstyle configuration. Now it is much easier to manage, version (if needed), and share across projects. – Allan Apr 4 '13 at 17:46

As explained in the Checkstyle plugin page,

configLocation :

Specifies the location of the XML configuration to use.

Potential values are a filesystem path, a URL, or a classpath resource.

I never did that on my project...

Are you sure that the JAR containing the XML file is in the classpath when the checkstyle plugin is starting?

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I'm having a parent which specifies the checkstyle plugin and has in its resource folder the appropriate mycheckstyle.xml. I use the maven assembly plugin to make a jar of my parents resource folder and define that jar as a dependency in my child. So when the child inherits the checkstyle plugin + it's configuration from the parent it should be able to find the mycheckstyle.xml. I have followed the instructions on the checkstyle plugin page but it didn't work.

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You mean you did what is explained here:… ? Can you edit your initial post and put some pom.xml information in it... – romaintaz Jan 29 '09 at 10:17
No not exactly like this. It's not multi module. It is simple inheritence a parent to a child. The parent has the checkstyle plugin within its reporting tag and the child gets it inherited. I add the resources from the parent as jar to the child to have the configuration files. – kukudas Jan 29 '09 at 10:28

If you have a local maven repository for your self-created and compiled checks, please be aware to not forget defining

        <id>my local repository</id>
    <!-- ... -->

but also

        <id>my local repository</id>
    <!-- ... -->

otherwise the plugin dependency will just look in central maven repo but will not find your local JAR file with your check-classes

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