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I don't need to know every minute detail, I'll do my own research, but if I wanted to write a script that allowed anonymous visitors to a site to post confessions on the site for all to see, no 'approval'.. process, with comments, and captcha. It'd also need to have a backend for deletions of comments and 'confession' posts - what would be an overview of what I'd need to do/learn in php to achieve that. I have a basic understanding of php, enough to modify existing scripts. IF there is any script out there that I could base this on, I would love to know what its called.


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The Ruby on Rails guide will walk you through doing this and more (a blog) in a couple hours, for what it's worth. – coreyward Feb 5 '11 at 23:38
He asked for PHP, why recommend a framework for Ruby? PHP has its own frameworks, and they all have the same blog tutorial. – Dan Grossman Feb 5 '11 at 23:40

Those are just basic CRUD actions virtually every dynamic website does. Whether you call them comments or blog posts or forum threads or confessions, it's just creating, reading, updating and deleting some objects represented by rows in a database.

A good beginners PHP book will walk you through building something that does all those things (a blog, a CMS, etc)... I recommend the book Build Your Own Database Driven Website With PHP & MySQL.

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Programming something like this from scratch is not something I would recommend for the inexperienced. Your needs would probably be better served by a pre-packaged solution such as Wordpress, combined with third-party templates and plug-ins.

If you'd like to learn to do it yourself, buy a PHP/MySQL book, start with a minimal version of your project, and work your way up.

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Why not? This is like the regular topic of a CS level 3 class. It's quite easy to do once you learn some things – jcolebrand Feb 5 '11 at 23:35

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