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I'm using a TCP IP .NET program to retrieve mails as text formated from a pop3 server. I'd like to convert the messages I receive into XML.

Anybody knows of a email text message to XML file - with headers, from, to, subject, body and html body (no attachments though)?

Alternatively, I'd like to find a email XSD shema I could use...


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If you have a library which can serialize and deserialize XML<->MIME, this becomes really simple. For instance, MailMessage class of MailBee.NET MIME can do this. The whole library is paid but mime functionality is free if used without POP3, IMAP, etc.


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Here is a tutorial for learning XSD; it happens to use email as an example. These sorts of examples are easy to find. I don't think there is a standard XSD for email, although there might be something I missed over at w3.org

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Hi kelloti, Sorry I can't accept your answer but the sample given is far too simplistic and I doubt the given XML would resist a couple of HTML body enabled emails!... ANyway, good try :-). For the information of whom in interested, here is the XML snippet: –  Didier Levy Feb 6 '11 at 12:36
<E-mail> <To>Rohan</To> <From>Amit</From> <Subject>Surprise....</Subject> <Body>Be ready for a cruise...</Body> </E-mail> –  Didier Levy Feb 6 '11 at 12:37
It would accept HTML fine if you namespaced the email elements. And how complex can an email be? Any attachments could be base64'd into <attachment /> elements –  kelloti Feb 6 '11 at 18:19

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