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What's the proper way of adding a FK relationship in rails AFTER the tables have been created? I've defined my relationship in my model, but do I have to add the [foreigntable]_id field to the table myself using generate migration? Or is there another option?

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Migrations are how you make any change to the database. – Mark Thomas Feb 6 '11 at 0:48

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You definitly need to create a new migration:

rails g migration add_foreign_key_to_model_name_pluralized foreigntable_id:integer


rails g migration add_foreign_key_to_users profile_id:integer
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You need to use a gem like foreigner to add the FK constraint to the Database. The answer by @apneadiving adds a column "profile_id" to the users table. It's a relationship as stated, but not a constraint in the DB. Just thought I'd point that out since I'm doing something similar right now.

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