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I was reading the byte of vim.Here is a problem that I met.

I am using vim in mac os x. (command line not GUI) In the text, "Want to make the windows 'equal' in height again? press ctrl-w =" actually, I try that, but not working at all, it did give some sound (which alway indicate this command is not right)

However, when I looking at the windows help page of vim in mac, I did found this command. try that, still not working, but it did working in GUI mode (MacVim) not in command line.

Does anyone have any idea to solve that? Thanks a lot!

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Does ctrl-w + and ctrl-w - work for you? –  ajwood Feb 6 '11 at 1:56
Perhaps some folks want to try :vsp (vertical split) and/or :sp (horizontal split), and then cycle between windows with control-w w. If this sounds like what you were looking for when you found this question, then have a look at how to effectively work with multiple files in Vim. –  user664833 Apr 18 at 18:03

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You wouldn't happen to be pressing Ctrl-WCtrl-=, would you?

I tried Ctrl-W= in Vim in a Terminal, and it worked. Ctrl-WCtrl-= didn't work in the terminal, but it did in MacVim.

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